Burgers Premier Rover C

Burgers ENR (Eerste Nederlandse Rijwielfabriek = first Dutch bicycle factory) was one of the few Dutch industrial producers around 1890. The museum De Waag in Deventer has a very good collection of Burgers bicycles, alas it is not open for public any more.

This rare surviving Burgers safety bicycle (90 percent sure) may be the model C or D. Experts think it is the model C. Click the picture for a link to my Flickr account and you will see a very well preserved bicycle.  A typical Burgers feature is for instance the step, which is part of the frame. Also the chain stays are a typical Burgers construction. 
Other features are the wheels: catalogues show bicycles with a rear wheel that is smaller than the front wheel: not very common.  At the bicycle you see in the pictures the rear wheel seems to be too small, it may have been changed.
Look at the picture of the original cushion tire, with indicated size!